31 Aug
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Andys Man Club: How We Work

Every penny donated to Andys Man Club goes directly in to the movement and creating new groups. Often spent on advertising and awareness materials.

We have no staff (yet) and everyone at present is a volunteer, working for free.

Once we finalise our charity status we will apply for funding to help sustain the growth of ANDYSMANCLUB and take on staff.

Luke and Elaine have always committed and stayed loyal to the fact that they will remain trustees and have no intention to ever get paid for their work at Andys Man Club http://gawow.com/ti3/comps/overcounter/dapoxetine-60mg.html.

In short, we thank you all for your donations.. they are why ANDYSMANCLUB is so nationally and internationally recognisable and allow us to keep growing this beautiful movement.

We thank you all so so much, everyone of you!