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July 10th 2019 was my first meeting with Huddersfield Town FC regarding how they could potentially support ANDYSMANCLUB. Luckily, they were very open and had a whole host of ideas.

On the 19th of July I git a call from the Chairman, Phil Hodgkinson. He told me the club were auctioning the ‘prank’ Paddy Power shirts and that he wanted AMC to receive 25% of the proceeds, and another charity I’m close to, Huddersfield Street Kitchen the same percentage. 

We ended up with £7000 per charity. Amazing. I then got the news I’d been waiting for….the club would be giving us 2 minutes free on the LED advertising boards at every home game for the 2019/20 season and three of the first 4 games would be live on Sky Sports. 

At one of those games, the LED boards were seen clear as day on Sky Sports. I’ll be honest, the first time I saw them I had tears running down my face. I still get that same buzz every time I see them, so proud that these two organisations that are so close to my heart are in unison. 

In December, just when it couldn’t get any better, it did. We had an awareness day at the Huddersfield Town V Leeds United game. We had a whole matchday programme dedicated to us with a whole host of articles and an amazing front cover. Again, tears were shed….proud, happy tears. At half time in that game representatives of ANDYSMANCLUB played on the pitch against The Huddersfield Town Foundation team…more amazing awareness!  All in all the partnership has been brilliant and will only get stronger as the club really believes in what AMC does and is all about. The fact that in the return fixture at Elland Rd, both sets of players warmed up in AMC T-shirt’s was another huge boost for us at AMC and another ‘damp eyes’ moment. 

We were also pleased to get Town First Team Coach, Mark Hudson on the Real n Raw AMC Podcast recently, another positive side of the relationship between the clubs! AMC has positively changed my life in every way, the fact it is now intertwined with another of my biggest loves is priceless to me. 

Humbled and proud.