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ANDYSMANCLUB were delighted to visit Platform 1 in Huddersfield this week for a chat with co-founder Bob Morse! Bob sat down with our Marketing team for a chat about everything Platform 1 and some exciting plans for the future!

Explain the origins of Platform 1 and what position it is in now?

Platform 1’s origins lie with two men in a shed with different experiences around mental health working on a small side project around Men’s Mental Health for Yorkshire Children’s Centre using the “Men’s Shed” model that originated in Australia. Platform 1 was born from an idea that a large quantity of men were coming forward with a wide array of issues and struggles with many of these people unable to access support for a variety of reasons. We reacted to a massive unfulfilled need. We reacted to what we believe is a void in mental health. As we approach the time of unlock we have 500+ members. We are about to open a new office, we have a broader range of services and are turning into a mental health hub.

Why did you get involved in Mental Health?

Many of the issues that affect the people we see are real to me. I am living the story of mental health. I’ve dealt with childhood issues, addiction, depression, anxiety and suicide attempts and I live every day with my mental health and every day I manage it!.  My hope is that I can inspire others to keep going. I want to continue to share with others the things I have been able to achieve in life and the terrific moments I have enjoyed in spite of the lows and the black dog of mental health.

How do the activities and workshops running at the site help improve the Mental Health of attendees?

We believe that the most significant thing is connection, hence our safe space men’s group, enabling all levels of activity ranging from volunteering and socialising to repairing bikes, woodwork, gardening, arts, crafts and games. All activities follow the interests of those attending. Some feel the need to take part in active things whilst others may be more involved in less physical activity. Some come to be safe during daytime, for some it’s about fighting loneliness and isolation, for some it’s a place where addictions can be avoided and for some it is an alternative to crime and anti-social behaviour. For some it’s to be able to do something fulfilling, for some it’s giving back, with skills, time and experience to help others.

What are Platform 1’s goals over the next few years?

Our goals revolve around expansion and offering our services to even more people! This includes plans for a new office, a wider range of services, national brand exposure, the provision of a complete mental service for the whole population, and greater links with groups like ANDYSMANCLUB and Luke’s Lads. Our ultimate aim is to change and influence the way that mental health is dealt with in the UK and continue to influence people’s lives in a positive manner. Ideally, we want to help build a world where groups like us aren’t needed!

How does someone attend or access the support Platform 1 offers?

For the moment, if you call 01484 421143 or head to our website, platform-1.co.uk, then you can access our services. Alternatively, if you are in urgent need of support you can call our Crisis freephone, 0800 066 28 28, this line is active from 7am-10pm on weekdays.