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World Suicide Prevention Day - September 10th

Tomorrow, we are raising awareness for those struggling and doing walk and talks to bring people in the community together, which this weekend will be as needed more than ever.

The Queen dedicated her life to service above all else, the ultimate show of respect from us to her is to carry on serving.

What better way in a moment of mourning than to bring people together to walk and talk and tell them where they can get support should they need further support.

If anybody is feeling low or disoriented by yesterday's news, feel free to join us if you need company at this time.

People are still struggling, and it is vital that they have support in place should they need it.

As it stands - our groups Monday will remain open.

Let’s focus on a big weekend of awareness raising, and being there for people, and then focus on getting our doors open on Monday.

One in all in - AMC.