St. Andrews – Andy’s Man Club of the Week

Written by Lucas Whitehead

Feb 26, 2021

February 26, 2021

Famous for its iconic Golf Course and historic, world-renowned university, St. Andrews is a unique town, yet it faces the same issues as countless others in the UK. During the course of a normal year, St. Andrews’ adult population is made up of a majority of University students who are vital to the town’s economy. Due to Covid-19, the population of the town has been close to half of its usual level for the majority of the pandemic, causing a great deal of uncertainty in the town. 

Andy’s Man Club established itself in the town just 2 weeks before lockdown restrictions came into place and, spearheaded by facilitators Greg Munro and Scott Brander, the group has functioned successfully for 12 months. Without Greg and Scott’s continued support and determined approach to facilitating, the group may not have survived throughout Covid, but with the group used over 500 times over a 12-month period, Andy’s Man Club St Andrews has provided vital support to men in the town and wider community. Here is Greg’s story as an AMC Facilitator and details of how rewarding his time with us has been:

“Andy’s Man Club has had a huge impact on me. I was a chef all my days, until helping out there. The impact that positive mental health makes, changed my career – I’m now a carer, solely because of what AMC has shown me,”

“The improvement from two lads, who have gone from attending AMC, to being helped, to both now be helping as facilitators is the easiest path to see, but the small changes, week-to-week, from the guys who attend the meetings are just as incredible. I’ve struggled to get the point over to a few friends, who I’m fairly sure would benefit from attending, just how well Andy’s Man Club works. My message is simple – come along and try once, if it’s not for you, no problem, but it might just change your life.”

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