Any man who is going through a storm, been through a storm or just wants to come along and meet a good group of people with the aim of improving one another.


We are a talking group, a place for men to come together in a safe environment to talk about issues/problems they be have faced or currently been facing. The benefit is there are other men who have been in similar situations and can help you with advice on how they have dealt with the situation. Some of our aims are to provide beneficial services, we will look at bringing in solicitors who can give advice about fathers seeing their children, running debt management classes for those with gambling addictions or money troubles as well as the possibility of anger management classes and even activity sessions ranging from sports like Rugby, Football, Basketball to walks and Fitness classes. Chat conversation end


This is Andy Roberts. A loving and doting father, son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. He was a great footballer and loved playing with his friends on a weekend. He was an all round top guy, one of the truly nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. As a youngster he was known to have frequent run ins with the law but as an adult this had changed. He had become this polite, caring, funny young man with a whole life ahead of him. The way he had changed his life round was staggering to see and an absolute pleasure. His love for his daughter was inspirational to see and they way he looked at her and idolised her was a blessing. Sadly and tragically without any warning Andrew was taken away from all his family and friends by suicide. What is staggering is that 42% of men aged 18-45 have considered suicide as an option. Then add to that that the single biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide. Around 4200 men, (thats one man every 2 hours), a year are taken from this world and their families by suicide, it is quite unbelievable that their isn't that much awareness. What seems to be a big underlying problem for men is their inability to speak out about what is bothering them. That isn't an opinion but a fact of the 42% of men that debated it, stated that they believed it was weakness for men to talk about their feelings. We want to give men somewhere to go where they feel they can talk!


Every Monday @7PM.
At this current time we have 1 location based at The Shay Stadium supports bar more locations coming soon to a Town/City near you.

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